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Pheasant Fest Coming to South Dakota in 2018

September 27, 2016 by

Pheasants Forever's Pheasant Fest is Coming to South Dakota for the First Time Ever in 2018


Pheasant Fest Coming to South Dakota in 2018

2 Great Hunts Remain in 2015 Season

September 29, 2015 by

Pheasants are up 42% in South Dakota in 2015 according to Game Fish and Parks surveys. UGUIDE camps usually see better than that due to intensive habitat management. We have 3 great hunts remaining in the 2015 season to get in on the action.


UGUIDE Week 9 Harvest Report By Camp

December 15, 2014 by

Week 9, again, unseasonably warm. I cannot remember it ever being 54 degrees and no snow on the ground this late in December. This leaves birds unbunched and free to roam making them difficult to hunt and harvest rates will be lower. As I write this we are in a winter storm warning and are receiving new snow and 30MPH winds. Cooler temps and lighter winds will greet week 10 hunters. Should be interesting to see the change in results for week 10. More...

UGUIDE Week 8 Harvest Report By Camp

December 06, 2014 by

Week 8 rings in some unseasonably warm weather which can actually impact the hunting as birds will spread out, loaf, and use adjacent picked stubble fields and are not forced into high quality cover. I have a group hunting at Pheasant Camp Lodge Week 9 and the highs are forecast in the 50's. It will be warmer the second half of the season that it was the first half. Don't try and out guess the weather in South Dakota. Just hunt. More...

UGUIDE Week 7 Harvest Report By Camp

December 06, 2014 by

Crop harvest is now complete which week 7 is the on average completion date for crop harvest on a year over year basis. Weather was not too cold and not too warm. Keep in mind that some of the numbers posted were by groups with no dogs and other groups with very limited skills on South Dakota Fair Chase Pheasants. That is also the case on some earlier weeks in the season. More...