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UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Articles

Understanding the Risks and Variability’s of Wild Pheasant Hunting
The winter of 2009-2010 will be one for the books. One that will be in conversations for years to come. Why? From North Dakota to Wisconsin and Iowa and everywhere in between the snow has filled in most cover valuable to wildlife certain to result in losses to pheasant populations across the region.

Cost of South Dakota Land Ownership vs. Outfitter Hunt
Some of you may have read the original article that was published on this topic back in February 2007. This article is a follow-up and addition to that article as some things have changed in the market as far as land prices and knowledge about the outfitter industry.

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota - Preserves vs. Native Wild Pheasant Hunts
Over the years, it has come to my attention that few people know or are aware of the differences in preserve and non-preserve pheasant hunting in South Dakota. Few people I know will drive 2000 miles to hunt any kind of a released or pen raised pheasant. Hunters that don't have that requirement may find preserves attractive.

Get ready for your U-Guide Hunt, can your dog mark?
Just the mention of a SD pheasant hunt is enough to send the mind of a bird hunter racing with thoughts of almost a fantasy experience. It will fill an adult with a child like giddiness. The experiences of a South Dakota hunt may range from staying at a farm house of a buddies grandparent to making reservations at high end lodge.

Role Based Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota
If you're like me, you've had your share of watching skitish pheasants evade your pursuit from a waaaaay to far away vantage point than you care for. After putting up the cost of gas, license, shells, dogs, food, guns and gear, you might start to get a little agitated if you actually want to see some birds go into the game bag.

How to Start and Run a Fee Based Pheasant Hunting Business
If you can say yes to the above questions then my friend you have the key ingredients to starting and running a successful South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Business.

For a puppy or young dog the most important thing to get him or her on the road to being a gundog is introduction to birds. Every year just after the hunting season starts I have someone call me about their perfect dog that wouldn?t pick up the birds on opening day.

Hunting Dog Training Tips
Early spring finds many bird dog guys asking what do I do next? These people are consumed by the thought of training their upland bird dog. There certainly are great amounts of joy that can be obtained from training you own gun dog, but extreme frustration can also be experienced if a person rushes or is uncertain of proper training techniques.

Warm the Water: Hunting Dog Training Tip G1
The calendar says that spring is here; unfortunately in many of the northern states Global Warming Flakes (also known as snow flakes) are still hitting the ground. The rivers are already flowing and many of the small ponds are starting to open from the grip of over 4 months of ice.

Your New Puppy - Name Selection
As you ride home from the final visit at the breeders, toting puppy in hand you now face one of the biggest challenges you will ever face. This decision is one that you will ultimately have to live with for the remainder of the dog’s life. What are you going to name this fine specimen of a bird dog?

Upland Bird Dog Puppy Selection
Are you tired of hunting birds all day long without having a single flush? Want an easier way to find the few downed birds that you do get an opportunity at? Would you like to have your own bird finding pointing dog? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is time to consider getting your own pointing dog puppy.

The Levels of South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Experiences
Prior to 2001, most all my pheasant hunting experiences happened in Iowa or Minnesota. I had never even set foot in South Dakota hunting pheasants. I thought Iowa and South Dakota were comparable but really, one cannot make the comparison if they have not experienced hunting in both states. Well little did I know that South Dakota was in a league of its own in the pheasant hunting arena. Not only that, I've since learned that there are many different ways to experience a South Dakota pheasant hunt than you would imagine. I now own 700 acres in the prime of South Dakota and farm a portion of it myself for pheasant habitat and rent out the rest for cash crops to a local farmer. The following is intended to help you discern the various ways YOU can experience pheasant hunting in the state of South Dakota.

My game player - German Shorthair Pointer
As many hunters can tell you the outcome of your day is sometimes based on the amount of luck you have. With that said there are a few things to take into consideration. Weather conditions, time of year early/late season, patterns of the birds and dog work.

Hunting puppies, where to find them and how much to spend!!!
Spring is here, or so says the calendar. This seems to be the time that many people’s thoughts turn to buying a puppy in hopes of having a dog to hunt with next fall. Spring just seems to be the natural time to get a little guy or girl and spring is a time when it seems like there are a lot of pups out there to choose from.

Upland Bird Hunting
What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "Upland Bird Hunting"? I suppose it depends where you were born and raised. If you're like me and come from the Midwest it means chasing Ruffed Grouse, Ringneck Pheasant, and Hungarian Partridge.

The Cost of Conservation
Before I owned land I use to think conservation was something somebody else did or was responsible for. Heck, I'm not even sure there is a common definition for what conservation is and means.

Your Next South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Vacation
So if you're like me, you grew up on saving for shells, license fees and gas to get you to your favorite pheasant hunting "spot". That "spot" may have been a road ditch, public ground, railroad track, bridge overpass or any other place that you might think a pheasant would hide.

Operation Pheasant Storm
If you've never been to South Dakota pheasant hunting, you might not understand the value of the tactics I'm about to describe. Having grown up on pheasant hunting in the state of Iowa, I got used to losing birds out the end when hunting with small groups and late season birds running up ahead with your shorthairs in hot pursuit.

Planning your South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip from A-Z
If you live anywhere in the U.S. and have never gone through the process of booking a pheasant hunting trip to the Dakota's, it may not be obvious to long time pheasant hunter as to just how to go about doing that.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
Never been to South Dakota pheasant hunting? You might not know what you are missing.

3452 Years of Conservation
Much controversy has come about recently from the nation's fuel issues, Iraq war and transition out of the 2002 Farm Bill and into the 2007 Farm Bill. We all want national security, low fuel prices and our boy's home from the war.

How to buy a South Dakota Pheasant Hunting License
Depending on your proficiency to utilize technology or your prevalence for rubbing elbows with native South Dakotan's, there is a way to buy a non-resident South Dakota Pheasant Hunting License that should suit your fancy.

Think pheasant hunting fees are outrageous?
Have you ever looked into a wild pheasant hunting trip for your friends and family in South Dakota? You may be surprised at what the costs are compared to a hunt at your local game farm.