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Current UGUIDE Openings

October 06, 2018 by

Here's a look a current available openings @ UGUIDE

If you look at the Availability page you will see 2018 dates for week 6 and week 9.  Those are the openings for the 2018 season.  Week 6 is at Pheasant Camp Lodge for a minimum of 8 hunters/capacity of 12.  Week 9 is at Gunner's Haven for minimum of 6 hunters/capacity of 10.

For 2019, we are taking reservations for our brand new camp in Perkins County called Wind River.  We have weeks 2,3,4,6,& 8. Week 6, Wind River, isn't showing up yet until we roll that week forward to 2019 rates and dates.

The 2018 hunts will take a 100% deposit for the minimum group size to reserve and 2019 hunts require 25% deposit.

You can run quotes using our online trip calculator.