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UGUIDE 2018 Season Announcements

October 04, 2017 by

2018 UGUIDE Announcements

Camp Offerings, Changes to Rates & Minimums, Policies Updates


2018 Camp Offerings Updates

·       Cattail Haven Pheasant Camp will no longer be offered

·       UGUIDE will offer 7 private exclusive fair chase properties for 2018 pheasant season

Tier, Rates, Minimums Changes

·       Only rates changes will be a $5/night/person lodging fee increase

·       Meadow Creek will move to Tier 1 for 2018 based on repeat rate in 2016 season

o   Meadow Creek will have a new minimum of 10 hunters for 4 day hunts

o   Option is 12 or more hunters for 3 day hunts

o   New Lodge will be offered at Meadow Creek for 2018

·       J Bar Lazy 7 will move to Tier 1 for 2018 based on repeat rate in 2016 season

·       Faulkton has a new lodging expansion to accommodate up to 17 hunters

·       We will move from 4 Tier system to 3 Tiers – More Info Here

·       Info on How to Reserve a 2018 Hunt Here

·       There are no camps in Tier 3 or 4 in 2018 based on previous repeat rate

UGUIDE Policy Updates

·       UGUIDE Dog Policy is in place – Camps Adopting This Policy are:

o   Pheasant Camp Lodge

o   Faulkton

o   West River Adventures

o   J Bar Lazy 7

o   Meadow Creek

o   Wolf Creek Has exception with $300 damage deposit

o   Gunners Haven has exception and allows dogs in their lodge

·       2 Groups that hunted in 2016 were banned from the UGUIDE system because of non-compliance with our dog policy

·       2 other Groups that hunted in 2016 were banned from the UGUIDE system.  One due to smoking cigarettes in chest high CRP grass.  The other for arriving 2 days ahead of schedule unannounced.

·       We also have a CRP Disturbance Disclaimer that is line with how the Federal Gov. administers variances to CRP.


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