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2013 Unguided South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Brood Video

October 08, 2013 by

This year we implemented 200 acres of new CRP on the farm and opted for a mechanical weed control (mowing or clipping) vs. using herbicide. The main reason is the diverse mix of forbs does not play well with any type of herbicide on the market and mechanical clipping allows for broader diversity in the stand. The following is video footage taken during the last week of July while doing this mechanical weed control on 1st year CRP.

2013 Unguided South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Brood Video

As posted in a previous blog, the results of using the new tractor-mounted flushing bar was the flushing of 50 unique broods on 200 acres.  This video is just a snippet of the overall footage that I got and the 10 minutes of video we have here does not do it justice.

Now consider this; having seen 50 broods in the field, rarely have I seen any birds on the gravel roads surrounding the farm where these broods were filmed.  So on my farm I know that the road visibility of broods is not indicative of what the populations are out in the field.  

As was the case last year on the farm when we encountered a pheasant number increase over the previous year, but the increase was not realized until well into the season when the hunters had a chance to provide feedback on bird numbers. 

If I have learned anything over the years it is that it is very hard to determine hatch results until all the crops are off the fields and several groups/weeks of hunters have come thru a property.

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