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UGUIDE Landowner and Hunter Services

Services Offered to Landowners by UGUIDE

Business Startup & Consulting

It takes most small businesses 5 years to go from inception to stability. UGUIDE has a proven system and model based on operation of his own 700 acre pheasant hunting operation in Charles Mix County, which has been in business 13 years now. UGUIDE is a business partner that can help to build and grow your business.

Advertising, Sales and Marketing

Most landowners are full-time farmers and ranchers and don't have time to invest the energy necessary to get a pheasant hunting business off the ground and keep it booked. That's where UGUIDE comes in. UGUIDE's full-time responsibility is to market your property and meet your financial objectives. This allows you to focus on your core farming operation. UGUIDE has one of the top pheasant hunting websites in the country and you can put this to work for you and see the results. In 2009 UGUIDE's website attracted 37,000 visitors and UGUIDE booked over 450 pheasants hunters into the state. In 2011 we helped over 607 hunters from around the nation find great places to hunt wild pheasants in the state. We are on the grow!

Administration, Money Management and Tax Compliance

UGUIDE handles all money management, direct deposits, monthly/quarterly statements, liability waivers, year-end reports, state sales tax payment and gross receipts from hunters. Essentially UGUIDE does everything possible that is involved with getting hunters to their destination. To your doorstep. And you take care of them from there.

Ongoing Business Support

Every year is different in the pheasant business. A growing business involves looking back and reviewing the past year and making plans and improvements for next year. This is where UGUIDE's business consulting and experience can help you move forward with wise decisions instead of attempting to recreate the wheel. The value of UGUIDE's pheasant hunting system, pheasant camp model/recipe bring value to your bottom line.

Revenue Assurance

UGUIDE works closely with landowners to meet and exceed their revenue objectives on an annual basis. UGUIDE's strong marketing system assures landowners a steady stream of hunters to make their pheasant business profitable and sustainable. Just like crop insurance, UGUIDE's proven system is there to provide steady, continued and reliable cash flow. The UGUIDE system has been proven to produce more income than working through local guide/outfitter or leasing your property, AND, you still retain full control of property access.

Self-Guided Pheasant Hunter Services

  • UGUIDE Self-Guided South Dakota Pheasant Hunts
  • Hunt Experience Consulting
  • Booking, Reservation Processing
  • Group Hunts Coordination
  • Licensing and Regulations Resource
  • Informational Website (Dogs, Recipes, Hunting Tips)

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