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Faulkton Hunting Land

We don't release any pen-raised birds. Instead, we have cultivated a habitat where wild birds and other game flourish to offer our guests an unforgettable hunting experience. Our 3,200 acres of hunting land ensures that our guests won't have to hunt the same ground twice. We believe our hunters deserve an authentic pheasant hunt, with opportunities to shoot only wild ringed-neck pheasants. We take care to provide nesting habitat for successful hatching, and legumes and cover to help pheasant chicks grow. Our land includes cattails, shrubs, tree belts and food plots for winter survival.  Our prime pheasant habitat also consists of grass, alfalfa, sweet clover, CRP, wetlands, weed patches, abandoned railroad grade, dams, dugouts, creek bottom, winter wheat, row crops, and rolling prairie. In addition, food plots are strategically located and sized for hunting. All of our hunting land is located in the same area, with many adjoining fields. This allows guests to spend more time hunting and less time driving to remote hunting locations.

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