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South Dakota Public Pheasant Hunting

Good freelance pheasant hunting can be had in South Dakota....if you are willing to work for it. Below is a post from a pheasant hunting forum member about his success and efforts to get that success during the 2009 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season.

"Went last year to SD for first time after trips to other states. Hunted public and a little private and had a great time. It was work to get on the birds and avoid people but we did it. We hunted in Dec. We scouted as many public tracts as possible just by driving day before we hunted and then made plans to hunt next morning @ 10 am. We left the motel before daylight each morn to look at other tracts and planned our route to be back at our chosen hunting location by 9:30 or so. We had very few run-ins with other hunters being on our chosen locations, but again, it took getting up early, staying in the field (or truck) all day and lots of miles scouting."

The bottom line is that freelance hunting can take a lot of time, effort and extra costs in fuel and mileage on vehicles with no assurances of success. If the above is the kind of experience you are looking for then by all means do it. But I had done that for enough years and that is how I got into landownership because I wanted to have a different experience. When you are ready for that "above average" fair chase private exclusive pheasant hunting experience then I recommend you give UGUIDE a try. I think you will find it a worthwhile value.

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