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Finding a Breeder That Fits Your Needs

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Now that I have selected a breed, how do I find the right breeder?

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential list of breeds to one or two, it’s time to search for a breeder. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions to protect your investment.

• What certifications are use to monitor performance and health traits in their program?
• Do they provide a written guarantee for health and customer satisfaction?
• What criteria’s determines which sires and dams for use in their breeding program?
• Is there an opportunity for training support after your purchase to help meet goals?
• Do they select for certain traits to use in field trials, hunt tests, confirmation or other structured events?
• Will they provide a list of references for customers they have done business with?
• What are their puppy selection criteria?
• How do you acclimate puppies and what age do you let them go to their new homes?
• Can you see the sire, dam or other dogs perform with similar genetics prior to decision?
• Will this puppy be registered and is neuter, spay or breeding an option if you choose to in the future?

You’ll want to make sure you do your homework on a breeder and spend a little time around some of their dogs. A breeder that matches your hunting needs is just important as selecting the breed.

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