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No Refunds No Credit Policy

Due to the nature of the native wild pheasant hunting business, and it's variabilities/risks, UGUIDE has a no refund no credit policy.

While we realize that many of life's events can make it difficult for all members of a group to attend the request for credits puts undue burden on the Landowners that are managing for habitat and also the rest of the hunters at that landowners property.

Instead we want to put the responsibility and burden of the groups members solely in the group, where it belongs, and not on the rest of the members of that camp or the camp owner.  UGUIDE is run off a Cooperative (Co-op) model and not a full service retail model.

Group Coordinators will want to plan accordingly to mitigate issues with members of its groups attendance.  Certainly if an issues arises groups can replace affected members with new members with the submission of an acceptable Waiver and ID for that new person and in a timely matter (usually 2 weeks prior to your hunt).

Bottom Line:  In the past the individual has wanted to put the burden of the unplanned event on the owner or the rest of those in the system.  What has evolved in our coop model is that the burden should come back to rest on the group the individual is in or the individual themselves.  Ultimately putting responsibility on the individual, the person that has most control over their circumstance.  The majority in our system would say that they do not wish to subsidize the circumstances of an individual which are beyond their control.

Paypal Policy Refunds/Fees

As of Fall 2019 Paypal no longer credits back the transaction fee on payments.  Therefore, if UGUIDE does any refunding through the paypal system it will be less the transaction fee of paypal which is normally 3% +/-.