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Each Pheasant Camp offers different lodging and hunting packages. The 2 options are:

> 5-Nights Lodging/4-Days Hunting Package

> 4-Nights Lodging/3-Days Hunting Package

Below you will find details about what packages are offered at each Pheasant Camp:

Faulkton - Only the 5-Nights Lodging/4-Days Hunting Package is offered and the minimum is 10 hunters

West River Adventures - You may choose from either the 5-Nights Lodging/4-Days Hunting Package or the 4-Nights Lodging/3-Days Hunting Package.  The larger package is optional for any amount of hunters.

Meadow Creek - You may select from either of the two packages based on the number of hunters. With 10 or 11 hunters you will be required to select the 5-Nights Lodging/4-Days Hunting Package.  With 12 or more hunters you can select the 4-Nights Lodging/3-Days Hunting Package.

Gunner's Haven - The base package of 4-Nights Lodging/3-Days Hunting Package will be the main offering but upon request you may add additional nights lodging and days hunting on a person by person basis.

All other camps only offer the 4-Nights Lodging/3-Days Hunting Package.

Special Notes:  

Adding Extra Nights Lodging - All camps offer additional nights lodging on a person by person basis (add these on Step 2).  This is typically used when hunting extra days on public land.

Adding Extra Days Hunting - Except for Faulkton, for camps offering both packages, you may select the smaller package for the group in Step 1 and then add individual nights lodging and days hunting in Step. 2.