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Pheasant Outlook Forecast Report

Hope for More Non-Resident South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Licenses

March 18, 2014 by

Just when you thought you could not get a game and fish law changed in South Dakota the SDOG (South Dakota Opportunity Group) helped lobby a bill to give the GFP (Game Fish & Parks) commission control back over the number of Non-Resident waterfowl licenses allocated for consumption in the state every season. More...

2013 Year in Review Summary - South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

February 19, 2014 by

We will review all the impacts to the 2013 pheasant season in South Dakota in an attempt to determine whether Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) does their readers a service or injustice in making decisions about whether or not they should come to the state to pheasant hunt or not. More...

UGUIDE Unguided South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Report Week 9

December 17, 2013 by

Limits coming from our Tier 4 Cattail Haven Camp Week 9. That is a highlight and indicative of how the value of a late season hunt can be realized at just about any UGUIDE Pheasant Camp depending on the conditions and variables of Mother Nature and things like delayed crop harvests. More...

UGUIDE Unguided South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Report Week 8

December 09, 2013 by

Crops all out. Some nasty cold weather. Bird harvest and hunting still good. More...

UGUIDE Unguided South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Report Week 7

December 02, 2013 by

We expect to see a USDA report reflecting that all the crops are harvested. We also see some weather reports with increased snowfall and decreased temps. I myself am looking forward to hunting week 9 of the late season and to see how others fare in the Dec. hunts. More...

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