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2014 Pheasant Hunting Rates & Booking Info

  • 2014 Discounts (applies only to groups of 6 paying adults or more. See exception for less than 6 paying adults for Free Youth and 50% off Jr. below):  
    • Hunter Volume Discount - (Up to $80 off per person) For each additional paying person above 6 and up to 10, you will be discounted $20/person off the package price for everyone in the group (example: Let's say normal rate is $595/person and your group size is 7. Your discount would be $20/person for rate of $575/person. If your group size was 10 your discount would be $80/person for rate of $515/person).
    • The Pheasants Forever "No Child Left Indoors" Kids Specials
      • Youth FREE - Up to 2 youth, age 12-15, can stay and hunt for free with group of 6 or more paying adults. Exception for camps with 4 minimum: 1 Youth can hunt/stay free with a group of less than 6 paying adults. 
      • Juniors 50% Off - Up to 2 Juniors, ages 16-17, can stay and hunt for half price with group of 6 or more paying adults. Exception for camps with 4 minimum: 1 Junior can hunt/stay at 50% off with a group of less than 6 paying adults.
    • EarlyBird On-Line Re-Book Discount - Rebook next years hunt within 14 days of conclusion of this years hunt, on-line, and receive 5% discount off your total hunt package for next year. 
      • New Groups booking hunts for the first time for 2014 can qualify for this discount when they book their hunt before year end 2013.
    • "Bring Your Own Bedding" Discount - camps that offer the option of bringing your own bedding and linens will entitle hunters to a $30/person discount for bringing their own bedding/linens/towels. Camps that will offer this option and discount are: Pheasant Camp Lodge, and Cattail Haven.
    • Each hunter may choose from 1 of the eligible discount options below
      • Group Coordinator - 5% Discount for leader of Group (1 person in group)
      • Seniors age 65 or over - 5% Discount
      • Military (Active/Retired) - 5% Discount
      • Firefighter (Active/Retired) - 5% Discount
      • Law Enforcement (Active/Retired) - 5% Discount
      • Emergency Medical Technician (Active/Retired) - 5% Discount
      • Handicap - 5% Discount
      • Pheasants Forever Member (Active) - 5% Discount  
    • Note: Age for all discounts is determined by "age at time of hunt".
    • Valid Proof of Discount documentation is required for discount eligibility at time of registration
    • Pheasant Forever Member # is required to verify discount eligibility.
    • All discounts are subject to on-time payments
    • All rates and discounts can be built into a quote which can be email to you using our:
  • Your Pheasant Camp Includes:
    • Land Managed & Farmed for Native Wild Pheasants
      • Unguided or Self-Guided Native Wild Pheasant Hunt (zero released birds)
      • 3-days of pheasant hunting and 4-nights lodging
      • Private & exclusive - Your group has exclusive rights to the lodge and the land you have leased for your week of hunting. You feel like you own the place. We hunt ony one group on property in a 7 days period.
      • At least enough "huntable acres" for unique exclusive hunting for 2 days (some places have more)
      • Hunt the best areas from first 2 days hunting on the 3rd day.  Some camps have unique for all 3 days. 
      • Approximately 4 days rest (not hunted) on the land prior to your arrival
      • Cover includes: Cattails, CRP, trees, shelterbelts, sloughs, food plots (Milo/Cane/Corn)
      • Maps of Properties and landowner tour provided prior to your hunt.
    • Minimum Pheasant Camp Amenities
      • Bathroom/Shower
      • Kitchen equipped for cooking your own meals
      • BBQ Grill
      • Individual Beds
      • Lodging located on or very nearby property you are hunting saving you travel time and fuel
      • Facilities for you to to clean & freeze your birds
      • Shelter for dogs
  • Next Steps to Follow in Researching a Hunt:  
  • Reserving Your Hunt: 
    • Deposit Secures Your Groups Pheasant Camp & Dates:
      • Repeat clients have a 2-week first-right-of-refusal Hold on their hunt for next season and can rebook their spot with a 25% deposit for minimum group size.  All Hold expirations dates will be posted on the Availability Page. Another 25% due no later than June 1st and then balance by Sept. 15th including waivers and ID's for registration.
      • Up to June 1, 25% to hold dates. 50% after June 1st to retain dates, After Sept.1 100% payment required
      • Note: Each party of your group will have to send in a signed waiver form along with photo ID, scanned and email in PDF format.  No exceptions.  All signed waivers are due by Sept. 15th along with final payments.  Late fees may apply.
      • Bookings after June 1st require 50% deposit.  Bookings after Sept. 1 require full deposit (100%).
      • Forms of payment accepted: PayPal, Visa,  Discover, Amex, Mastercard (No checks please)
      • All reservations will be done through the Online Scenario & Booking Tool
      • If you are breaking down payments to individual hunters in your group they can make simple direct payments through the Pay link.
      • New for 2013, UGUIDE rolls out a new 4-Tier Pricing system.  What we have found is that every camp is different and that hunters want to select the best place to hunt pheasants based on their requirements.  The new system prices camps based on what they offer in regards to lodging amenties and quality of huntable acres, etc.  You can read more about our 4-tier system here.
      • Don't have the funds to reserve a UGUIDE Pheasant hunt right now?  You may want to look at the Bill Me Later option where paypal can offer you 6 months to pay on purchases over $99.  More info at www.billmelater.com
  • Additional Services Offered Upon Request 
    • Fully Guided Hunt - $300/day - Guide with trained dogs leads your group and helps you tackle the wily native roosters. (This service available for Waterfowl hunting as well).
    • Semi Guided Service - $150/day - Landowner accompanies you and helps you with hunting strategies since they know there land the best.
    • Corporate Hunts - UGUIDE will work with you on putting together a custom package for your specific clients needs and expectations anywhere from a self-guided hunt up to a 5-star all inclusive packaged hunt.
  • Add-Ons
    • Non-Hunters - Anyone staying with the group and not hunting will be charge a standard lodging rate of $50/night/person.  Minimum is 4 nights and no discounts apply to non-hunters.
    • Additional nights lodging - Hunters may wnat to extend their hunting trip by staying extra nights and hunting public ground in the area.  Extra nights lodging will be charged at $50/night/person for additional nights lodging in addition to the standard 4-nights included in the base package.
    • Additional days hunting - Camps that can hadle the hunting pressure may accomodate more than 4 hunting days allowed on private land in addition to the base package of 3-days hunting.  With UGUIDE and Landowner approval you may request to add additional days hunting to your base package.  Rates are calulated based on the following formula ( Rate for base package less the $50/night/person lodging portion (or $200/person/total) and divided the remainder by 3 and you will arrived at the daily hunting rate fee which will be charged for additional days hunting for that week.
  • Rebooking & Advance Booking Process/Policy: 
    • Rebooking:  Guests have first right of refusal to rebook hunt's for the following year within 2 weeks after their hunt ends this year.  Season dates for the following year will be posted on the Availability page.   All groups are invited to hunt.  In cases where there are issues with a certain group or the landowner requests to not invite a group back UGUIDE reserves the right to void any groups first-right-of-refusal.
    • Advance first-time booking:  We do not maintain a wait-list Groups wishing to book a hunt for the following year year should watch the Availability page for spots that are "A" or Available and these will be booked first-come-first-serve with 25% deposit for minimum group size. 
    • All reservations will be done through the Online Scenario & Booking Tool
    • If you are breaking down payment responsibility to individual hunters in your group they can make simple direct payments through the Pay link.
  • Sales Tax, No-Refund Policy and Late Registration Fee:
    • All Sales will be taxed at South Dakota rate of 4% Sales tax plus 1.5% Tourism Tax (5.5% total tax).
    • Due to the nature of the native wild pheasant hunting business, and it's variabilities/risks, UGUIDE has a no refund policy. We will do our best to work with you on situations beyond your control like health matters, etc.
    • If full payment and registration (waivers and ID's ) are not received by Sept. 15th the group will forfiet their deposits and hunting reservation.
    • All discounts are subject to payments being made on time.


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