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Update April 4th, 2014 - The application and regs for the 2014 South Dakota Non-Resident Waterfowl Season had yet to be determined yet.  When ready the links below will take you to the info you need to apply.  Additionally there waa an exciting new law passed in the last month that gives full control back to Game & Fish to set the non-resident waterfowl license numbers and increase them up to 5% each year.  The previous law was very inflexible and had been in place since 1950.


UGUIDE South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting and outfitter has several camps that would make excellent combo pheasant-duck-goose hunts.  We don't charge anything additional to hunt waterfowl in addition to your pheasant hunt. 

The Prairie Coteau Regions of South Dakota is host to some of the finest waterfowl species, population and hunting in the nation.  1/3 of North Americas duck and goose nesting occurs in this region. 

The Prairie Pothole Region is the core of what was once the largest expanse of grassland in the world, the Great Plains of North America. Its name comes from a geological phenomenon that left its mark beginning 10,000 years ago. When the glaciers from the last ice age receded, they left behind millions of shallow depressions that are now wetlands, known as prairie potholes. The potholes are rich in plant and aquatic life, and support globally significant populations of breeding waterfowl. 

South Dakota is one of the most important duck production areas in North America. Although it is considered a Central Flyway state, South Dakota produces ducks that migrate continent-wide. The portion of South Dakota west of the Missouri River is considered "unglaciated," so the relatively few wetlands in this area consist mostly of impoundments used to water livestock. Nonetheless, duck recruitment in this landscape is high. The glaciated, eastern part of the state contains some of the highest wetland densities and breeding duck populations in North America.

This MAP from USFW shows the areas where duck nesting pairs per square mile is highest and you will be able to see why our camps make great combo hunts for waterfowl and pheasants.

These are just a few of the species common to the area where are pheasant camps are: Mallard, Teal, Widgeon, Shoveler, Pintail, Gadwall, Scaup, Canvasback, Ringbill, Bufflehead, Redhead, Wood Duck, Canadian Honkers and Snow Goose to name a few. 

The best waterfowl hunting typically occurs the first 5 weeks of the pheasant season before freeze-up. 

You must apply for a non-resident waterfowl license thru South Dakota Game Fish and Parks no Later than July 10th deadline.  Application becomes available each June.  Waterfowl licenses are issued on a lottery system. Here are some helpful links:

Info about South Dakota Non-Resident Waterfowl License Applications Via Game & Fish Here

Link to Application -

Link to past drawing results (select non-resident waterfowl draw #1) -

UGUIDE Camps are located in 1 of 2 zones in the state.

  • NRW-00A-86: (view map above) CHARLES MIX, BON HOMME, YANKTON, CLAY and UNION counties. License valid for entire season.Pheasant Camp Lodge, Cattail Haven
  • NRW-00B-86(view map above) STATEWIDE, except area in units NRW-00A and NRW-11A. License valid for 10 consecutive days.All other UGUIDE Pheasant Camps

Any of our camps located east of the Missouri River have good waterfowling options.  All you need is a pair of waders, a few dekes, maybe a spinning wing decoy and some steel shot and you will be all set.

The first week of pheasant season the hunting for pheasants doesn't start until noon and after that it starts at 10:00am so a morning duck shoot works out perfectly if you are looking to fit in a little extra action.

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