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UGUIDE Customer Information Page

On this page you will find helpful information regarding how to work with the UGUIDE Reservation System and how to manage your reservation at your UGUIDE Pheasant Camp property:

Booking a New Hunt for the First Time

Booking a hunt at UGUIDE is as simple as making a 25% deposit via credit card or paypal using our online booking tool. You may also use the tool to run scenarios or as a tool to manage individuals cost breakdowns within the group.

In general, the only time you will use the online booking tool is on your initial hunt booking or if you are rebooking a hunt for the following season.  Remaining deposits will be done via the Individual Payments link/button which is used for individual deposits when amounts are known.  Big green button can easily be found on the UGUIDE website banner.

Being a Group Coordinator takes a little responsibility and is a unique role which is why we offer the 5% discount.  In addition to that we have organized all the best practices that our seasoned repeat Group Coordinators have used and put them into a concise page for you to use and benefit from.  Read More on Group Coordinator's Best Practices.

Confirming Your Reservation

Once your deposit is made the system will automatically generate an Itinerary Confirm that will put in the default dates of your reservation such as checking in Wednesday that week and hunting Thursday, Friday and Saturday and checking out Sunday morning.

The tool does not accomodate for hunts longer than 3 days or for moving you hunt up in the week (which we can still do at anytime).  At this point your hunt is booked and you are all set.  Your spot will be marked as "reserved" on the Availability page.  This may take up to 24 hours as this has to be done manually.

The itinerary confirmation email also contains all the information about making remaining deposits and also getting in your groups Liability waivers, ID's, and any proof-of-discounts needed for discount eligibility.  PLEASE SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE AS IT CONTAINS THE DEPOSITS AMOUNTS NEEDED FOR FUTURE DEPOSITS AND ALSO THE LINK TO WHERE TO GET THE LIABILITY WAIVER FROM.

Next Steps

The 2nd 25% deposit, for the minimum group size, is due no later than June 1.  You will receive a reminder via email on about May 1.  The confirmation you received when booking your hunt also has all the information your need to make this deposit.

Note: To make things simple for Group Coordinators (GC), they can pay for the groups and collect deposits from individuals or they can email the PAY link to there group and have them make individual deposit amounts the GC has specified.

The Final Roundup

The final balance payments and liability waivers for your group are due no later that Sept. 15th, for the minimum group size.  You will receive a reminder on about Aug. 1 with information pertaining to the deadline.

Once I have all the payments and waivers for your group I will email out your Info Pack which contains everything you need to get to your destination and get in contact with the landwoner at your pheasant camp.

In general, the time between Aug. 1 and Sept. 15 is the ideal time to define and get commitments for what your final group size will be.  You may still add hunters up until 2 weeks prior to your hunt and discounts for individuals and group volume discounts can always be factored in at anytime.

Note: Once you have received your Info Pack, in general, the landwoner is going to be the best person to answer your questions at this point becuase they will have more detailed information about your specifics from past experience.

Rebooking Your Hunt for Next Year

UGUIDE offers a unique opportunity to retain your hunting spot as long as you would like with the UGUIDE First Right of Refusal. You have 14 days from the last day of your hunt to rebook your spot for next season.  If you do this within that timeframe you will be eligible to take a 5% "Early Bird" discount off your next years hunt for the whole group no matter how large it is at time of hunt even though you make initial deposit for only minimum group size.  There is a checkbox for the Early Bird 5% Discount on the first page of the Online Tool.

We find that the best time to to make plans for next year is before during your hunt this year as it can be much more difficult to get a decision made once the group has left camp and gone their separate way and gotten back into busy lifestyles.

Note: If you are interested in trying different camps/weeks the 5% discount can apply to other locations provided you give notice to me within your existing 14 days window following your hunt.

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