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Information on Reserving Next Years Pheasant Hunt

Hunters wanting to know when they can book a hunt for the following season will get that information here.

The UGUIDE system allows hunters with a hunt booked in this current season to retain their hunt for as many years as they like (provided they are on good terms with the owners of their resepctive camp and are invited back to hunt).  We call that the UGUIDE "Always Have a Place to Hunt" Feature (or right of first refusal).

In order to retain their hunt, the current group would need to put in a deposit on their future years hunt within 2 weeks of the conclusion of their current years hunting trip.  This timeframe is also required to take advantage of the 5% Early-Bird Booking Discount (new groups booking before Dec. 31 can also take advantage of the EB Discount).

If the necessary deposit is not received in time (see schedule below), by the existing group at a property, then that pheasant camps availability is updated to an "A" (Available for Reservation) for that week on the UGUIDE Availability Page according to the schedule below.

A New Discount for 2018 hunts is the extension of the Early Bird 5% Discount to a group booking for the first time. Book your 2018 pheasant hunt before the end of 2017 (Dec. 31 2017) and enter that discount option in the UGUIDE Online Scenario & Booking Tool when making your booking deposit of 25% down for the minimum group size.

PRIORITIZED CASH DEPOSIT WAIT LIST OPTION: Hunters can go online and book the hunt of their choice regardless if it shows as available or not (currently) and this will put you on the "waitlist" I maintain that has a priority preference, first come first serve, on camps that come available for the 2018 season.  Booking involves making a 25% fully refundable deposit for the minimum group size at the camp your desire.  If we are not able to find an acceptable option for you, your deposit will be refunded back on your credit card in full.

NOTE:  The Thanksgiving Holiday historically falls in week 6 or 7 depending on the year and the first right of refusal is tied to which ever week the holiday lands in, not the week. So for example, if you hunt week 6 2018 and want rebook the week with the holiday in it for 2019 you will get the first right of refusal on week 7 which contains the holiday in 2019.

2018 Season 5% Early-Bird Discount & First Right of Refusal - Deposit Deadlines

(Note:  These are also the dates, in 2017, of when the UGUIDE Availability page is updated each week for openings in the 2018 season)

Week 1 Hunts - Nov. 6, 5:00pm CST
Week 2 Hunts - Nov. 13, 5:00pm CST
Week 3 Hunts - Nov. 20, 5:00pm CST
Week 4 Hunts - Nov. 27, 5:00pm CST
Week 5 Hunts - Dec. 4, 5:00pm CST
Week 6 Hunts - Dec. 11, 5:00pm CST
Week 7 Hunts - Dec. 18, 5:00pm CST
Week 8 Hunts - Dec. 25, 5:00pm CST
Week 9 Hunts - Jan. 1,    5:00 pm CST

2018 UGUIDE Season Hunting Dates Schedule

2018 Dates (range of days you can hunt that week)
Week 1 - Oct 20-22, 2018
Week 2 - Oct 25-28, 2018
Week 3 - Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2018
Week 4 - Nov 6-10, 2018
Week 5 - Nov 13-17, 2018
Week 6 - Nov 20-26 (Thanksgiving is Nov. 22nd), 2018
Week 7 - Nov 28-Dec. 2, 2018
Week 8 - Dec 4-9, 2018
Week 9 - Dec 11-16, 2018